Give a Poor Man a Break (DJ A-L B-Boy Blues Remix)- The Soul Pros
Director: Mitchel Dumlao STRIFE TV
Greatness - The Soul Pros ft Felix Fast4wrd and Edo. G
Director: Doug Cushnie
$OUL'D OUT - The Soul Pros (Pavlo Kee, Mike Wird and DJ A-L)
Director: Doug Cushnie
Peace in the Mile High (Summertime) - The Soul Pros (Pavlo Kee, Mike Wird and DJ A-L)
Directors: Thomas Evans & Jolt (Guerilla Garden)
ReDouble chats with DJ A-L about Crate Digging
A-L re-creates the Check the Rhyme instrumental off of A Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory. A-L explains the basics of Sampling, Editing, Sequencing and Finalizing a beat on the classic ENSONIQ ASR-10 sampler.
"Future Classic" EDO. G, Niek Rocka & Solid Theory produced by A-L
Future Classic Music (Snippits) Produced By A-L
Parts 1 and 2 - Hip Hop round table discussion at The BBoy Factory's one year anniversary. BreakBeat Lou (Bronx, NY) Profo Won (SF, CA) and Rob Nasty (SF, CA) discuss Hip Hop culture in Denver, Colorado.
Kurtis Blow talks with DJ A-L about the birth of Hip Hop in NYC, his career, rap music today, Russell Simmons, The Fat Boys and more.